Tracking changes. Managing versions. Editing copy and tables. Reviewing and collaborating. It’s all immersed together in Corp.Report, making your content evolution experience incredible.

“Corp.Report has provided our clients and our internal teams a secure seamless way to collaborate and achieve the tight deadlines imposed during our Corporate reporting season. Corp.Report gives our clients the ability to amend files within InCopy, whilst creating an instant tracked proof, making Corp.Report a very powerful working tool.

The simplistic workflow makes it easy for our client managers to track files and move them between our internal resource as well as our clients having full transparency of where the project is at, at any time. The automated notification and commenting functions save time for both our internal and external users. 

As an agency, the Corp.Report software has provided us with efficiencies that far outweigh any other remote authoring platform that is currently in our marketplace.”

Mark Carey,
Design Portfolio


Corp.Report makes agency and client relationships on annual, interim, financial and sustainability report projects better than ever thanks to its innovative cloud technology.

Everything fuses together in one seamless journey in Corp.Report, right from new document creation to final packaging for print and web, no matter where you are working from. 

Everyone collaborates like best buddies with one common goal: to produce the highest quality corporate reports on time and on budget.

It’s a stunning ecosystem of fresh productivity where teams thrive. 

Welcome to Corp.Report, the new gold standard for corporate report collaboration.


Remote collaboration for creatives

Multiple designers and copy editors on the same reports. Assign whole reports, pages or text frames to individuals or groups. Have multiple documents per report. Send new layout updates to editors instantly without them having to quit what they’re doing. Web dashboard for fast access to reports for copy editors.

Advanced tracking of changes 

Corp.Report is powered by SuperTrack, the advanced track changes plugin. Every minute change on the document is highlighted with what / who / when information. View date range change reports. Search on changes. Apply changes or step back.

Adobe InCopy or remote web authoring on text edits

Adobe InCopy for seamless, gold standard copy delivery with real-time cloud connection. No file transfers required. Assign content to baskets of copy editors to engage more resources. Or use web browser remote authoring with no Adobe licences needed. Edit copy on the web, see new document previews in your browser.

Check in, check out, work remotely together

See which reports are available to work on. See who is currently working on them. Get workflow status updates. Lock them out to yourself when it’s your turn. Work locally on your machine and submit content back using the cloud. Work from anywhere.

On-demand PDF generation with tracked changes

Create PDF exports of the report at any time. See all the tracked changes presented as notes. Use PDFs as milestone points. Share with clients. Latest checked in document version is generated as standard.

Edited copy flows straight into InDesign

Capture new copy through the InCopy extension panel or through web browser authoring. Superfast one click to import it into the report document. Content places itself automatically in the right place on the report. All changes are simultaneously logged centrally with SuperTrack.

Latest and historic version control

Track and save every version of documents or just the recent few. Cross-versioning is restricted. Restore old versions of layouts and copy. All creatives can see the copy history. Save sticky versions at important milestones.


If changes slip under the radar it could be catastrophic for your client.

Swapping out text, fixing typos and editing passages of copy on InDesign documents happens all the time and needs to be accurately tracked.

The SuperTrack plugin in Corp.Report drops unbelievable new power into your document panel, giving you enhanced visualisation of all changes made throughout the creative process.

It changes the game for blacklining and proofreading, making it easy to analyse and make decisions on content. Go eliminate those publishing risks.

Be calm, confident and stay in sync with your team.


Corp.Report’s SuperTrack plugin panel sits right inside Adobe InDesign® and Adobe InCopy® so you don’t have to leave your document to view the latest change tracking data. 

It’s a constant feed of up to date information transforming the way you manage text changes that gets updated every time new content is submitted into the report document.

Here’s how it works.

See changes clearly highlighted

Easily glance to see where edits have been made on the document using coloured underlines and highlights

Learn who made the changes

SuperTrack tells you exactly which creative user made the text edits, so you can keep track of teamwork

Apply or delete changes

Not happy with a change? Delete it and go back to the previous one using the simple interface buttons

Search fast on users to see their activity

Quickly filter down on a specific user to analyse their changes without having to go through the whole document

Report on changes using date ranges

What changed last week? SuperTrack’s date range tool makes it easy to narrow searches to a custom timeframe

The entire document or pick text frames

Have the flexibility to turn SuperTrack on for the whole document or just selected text frames

Export PDF reports with comments

Fire off a PDF to Acrobat which lists all the changes made as comments and share it with colleagues


Corp.Report’s innovative and easy to use Adobe InCopy workflow could be the new gold standard for corporate report editing.

Designers send report content through their extension panel into Baskets of one or more copy editors, with a workflow status tagged to it.

Editors use their Adobe InCopy panel to check them out and work on them on their local machine. No email threads or file transfers required. Simple.

When they’re done, they update the workflow status, submit their copy back through the panel and let the designer get pinged to come flow the copy into their report document in one fast click. 

No copy and paste, no retyping. And all tracked changes are highlighted and synced into SuperTrack for maximum traceability.

This is seamless, real-time collaboration that connects designers and copy editors in total harmony without emailing or transferring attachments, saving a ton of time.


Don’t use Adobe InCopy? No problem. All your copy editors need is a web browser.

Designers use a simple step-by-step wizard in their Oppolis Cloud extension panel to select the content they need editing, pick their editors, add deadlines and reminders and send out their invitations.

Each copywriter receives an email with a direct link for them to securely view the rendered report in their web browser. It’s that simple.

The split screen view shows how their text amends will look on the document as they make them, offering a visual preview to help them see the full impact of their changes and whether they work or not.

They submit it back when done, the designer gets an alert, clicks APPLY CHANGES and watches their report document populate with all the copy edits. SuperTrack loads it all up. 

What could be easier?


Corp.Report’s powerful online dashboard for copy editors is a gem of a tool.

It manages all the reports being worked on by the editor across multiple clients and projects, neatly setting them out in tile and list views with filters, search, deadline and status updates built into it.

This quick and convenient access to corporate reports and the new level of efficiency it brings into the corporate report collaboration workflow means copy editors can stop sifting through their emails just to find the right report link. 

Let them write.


As Corp.Report is part of the Oppolis Cloud it has one of the world’s best known online proofing software systems immersed in it.

The GoProof panel provides the mechanism to send content directly from InDesign for browser-based staged reviews, engaging collaborators and stakeholders to come and add comments, give feedback, @mention colleagues in threads, request changes, share files and more. 

All the changes requested by collaborators are flowed right back into the designer’s InDesign panel, so they can easily step through each change and auto-place any text edits ready for the next version.

The Corp.Report web dashboard manages all the reviews that collaborators are part of and keeps them switched on to any deadlines that are approaching.

It’s another empowering piece of the Corp.Report jigsaw.


Corp.Report makes it effortless for agencies and brand teams to create the most inspirational annual, interim, financial and sustainability reports the market has ever seen.
Working together from anywhere, with total visibility, teams can easily engage in the production process only whenever they need to, keeping output across all ongoing projects high.

Admire your co-workers’ efforts as your reports cruise through to completion error-free and ahead of schedule every time.
Upgrade your workflows with Corp.Report and feel the difference in your profitability and client satisfaction.


Quickly understand how Corp.Report works and how it can transform your team creativity, output and client:shareholder relationships.